The Butterfly Garden

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9am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday

The Butterfly Garden is an educational, therapeutic, and recreational project for people of all ages dealing with disablement of any kind. Offering diverse, stimulating, and purposeful opportunity to people dealing with disablement of any kind – it caters for those looking to escape the world, those looking to re-enter it, and some who are still just looking.

System size: 20.16 kWp

Energy generation: 18,289 kWh/year

Carbon emissions saving: 4,263kg per year

Number of PV modules: 48 x 420w panels

Inverters: 2 x Solis 10kW Three Phase Inverter

The volunteers at the Butterfly Garden are already heavily involved in large recycling projects, gardening, and sustainable living so becoming self-sufficient through solar energy was the natural next step!

Following an informal site visit to assess the viability for Solar at The Butterfly Garden and to discuss through the needs of the facility, fuse boxes were located, and ideal panel placement was determined.

Key Benefits of The Butterfly Garden’s Solar Installation:

  1. A huge step to becoming self-sufficient.
  2. Another step towards benefitting the environment from an already sustainably-minded organisation.
  3. A fun and interesting way for volunteers and visitors to learn about renewable energy.

Following our free, detailed site survey we provided diagrams, images, and description of which buildings the panels would be installed, how the installation would proceed, and provided an accurate forecast of the system’s energy yield to calculate the return-on-investment period.

The Butterfly Garden are already seeing benefits since their installation with over 60% of their energy being covered by solar, even during busier periods.

A site of this size and of this nature was a very fruitful and rewarding job for Ecovision. Working around unconventional electrical wiring and building shapes & locations to create a suitable, personalised system to assist The Butterfly Garden towards their net zero targets is Ecovision’ speciality.