Solar Integration for Machined Component Systems (MCS)

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A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Manufacturing Excellence

Machined Component Systems (MCS), a premier machining company, prioritised sustainability by seeking a robust Solar PV & BESS system. With a sizeable 265 kWp system, encompassing 632 panels and two 50kW battery storage units, MCS is now a frontrunner in utilising solar energy, achieving substantial energy savings and noteable carbon reduction.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Demonstrating our unwavering commitment to collaboration, we orchestrated an exclusive site visit for the CEO of MCS to witness the exceptional work of a neighbouring Ecovision installation firsthand. This not only served as a powerful testament to our prowess but also solidified trust by exemplifying our transparent ethos, offering an invaluable in-person endorsement of our operational excellence.

Open discussions post-visit shaped the system design tailored to MCS’s energy demands. Our active engagement with key stakeholders, from ideation to post-installation, ensured a coherent vision and execution of the project.


Sustainability in Collaboration: In this exciting partnership, we made a deliberate and united choice to opt for ethically sourced panels, further underscoring our unwavering dedication to sustainability, even when it comes to selecting our partners. Remarkably, MCS wholeheartedly endorsed our proposal, prioritising sustainability over the potential increased costs.

Subcontractor Relationship:

Fostering Trust: When it came to specialised components eg scaffolding, structural surveys, and UKAS R&D, we engaged local subcontractors with whom we already shared a well-established rapport and who have consistently delivered outstanding results. These partnerships are firmly rooted in mutual respect and trust maintained through routine coordination meetings, precise delineation of roles, and readily available feedback channels, ensuring a harmonious collaboration towards our shared mission.

Project Mobilisation & Management:

Phases & Risks: Aware of the time-sensitive government grant, meticulous planning ensured MCS’s DNO application was processed promptly. A comprehensive timeline, broken into specific phases, aided in meeting deadlines and adhering to the budget.

Risk Mitigation: We presented MCS with a comprehensive program of activities meticulously designed to maintain alignment among all stakeholders while mitigating the risk of any disruptions, thus ensuring uninterrupted and seamless operations at their precision-focused facilities. Every plan was thoughtfully crafted to respect their unique operational hours, reflecting our unwavering commitment to their success.

Strategic Risk Management Success Story:

Proactive Risk Identification at MCS: Our dedicated team left no stone unturned when conducting risk assessments specifically for the MCS installation. We meticulously considered potential challenges, including supply delays, seamless technology integrations, and any potential onsite disruptions unique to the MCS location.

Innovative Mitigation Strategies Tailored to MCS: At MCS, we implemented ingenious approaches like diversifying our supplier base, strategically staging installations around the site’s timetable to minimise operational interruptions, and maintaining continuous project monitoring to ensure swift pivots when required.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement Excellence at MCS: Building trust with the MCS community and stakeholders was paramount. Our commitment extended beyond mere engagement. We actively addressed specific concerns, cultivated positive relations, and played a pivotal role in reducing the risk of opposition or potential regulatory hurdles specific to the MCS installation.

Contingency Plans Crafted for MCS: MCS’s unique characteristics demanded unique solutions. We developed comprehensive contingency plans and agile risk mitigation strategies specifically tailored to staff and site requirements, ensuring the project’s resilience and success, no matter what challenges arose.

Vigilant Monitoring and Reporting at MCS: We maintained an unwavering focus on every aspect of the MCS project. Our vigilant monitoring and reporting system were finely tuned to MCS’s distinct needs, enabling us to meticulously track project performance and swiftly resolve any MCS-specific issues, ensuring seamless progress.

Construction and Implementation Mastery for MCS: we proved ourselves as not just builders but builders of success. We expertly identified and mitigated construction risks, flawlessly managing variables like delays, cost overruns, and uncompromising quality control specific to the MCS installation.

Operation and Maintenance Excellence at MCS: Maximising uptime and energy production was our mission at MCS. Our comprehensive O&M plan was tailored to the unique MCS environment, with a keen eye on potential risks like equipment failures, weather-related challenges, and staffing concerns, ensuring consistent peak performance.

Environmental Stewardship: MCS’s environmental responsibilities were a priority. We actively addressed MCS-specific environmental risks, carefully managing aspects like land use, wildlife conservation, and sustainable disposal of packaging, tailored exclusively for MCS.

Multi-site Portfolio Management:

Experience: Our approach to project management is designed for scalability. This project showcased our capability to handle intricate installations which can be replicated and customised for multi-site portfolios. As a result, we are now in the planning stages to install Solar PV systems and batteries at further sites owned by this company and the employees.

Prioritisation: Efficient resource allocation, dedicated project managers, and technology-backed monitoring allow us to manage multiple projects seamlessly.

Handover Training:

Building Managers: Comprehensive training was provided to MCS’s facility managers on system operations, emergency protocols, and regular maintenance checks.

Site Users: Awareness sessions were conducted for the larger MCS team, emphasising the benefits of the system and basic do’s and don’ts.

Operation & Maintenance:

Our comprehensive suite of activities goes above and beyond, encompassing routine system health assessments, proactive remote monitoring for swift issue detection, and scheduled on-site visits aimed at guaranteeing peak performance.

Transferring Knowledge: While the MCS project stands testament to our capability, we’ve continuously built upon our experiences from diverse projects. Each venture enriches our knowledge base, ensuring we’re always poised to offer the best solutions, irrespective of scale or complexity.

Ecovision’s involvement with MCS wasn’t just about installing a Solar PV system; it was a partnership aimed at a sustainable future. With a keen understanding of stakeholder engagement, risk management, and project delivery, we believe in not just meeting but exceeding expectations.

I am thrilled with Ecovision’s exceptional service and the successful installation of a solar panel system on my business’s roof. From the initial consultation to the final switch-on, their team displayed unmatched professionalism and expertise. The project was completed efficiently, and the quality of work is impeccable.

Not only have they helped us significantly reduce our carbon footprint, but we’re also enjoying substantial energy savings. Ecovision’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction is truly commendable. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make a positive impact on both the environment and their bottom line.

Warren Gray

Managing Director