Feed in Tariff Provider Support and Migration

Is your FiT payment provider a supportive member of your team?

As a solar asset owner, the Feed in Tariff payment provider (licensee) you choose, can have a significant impact on cashflow and the administrative activity required to manage solar portfolio income.

We are proud to partner with Ecotricity, the worlds first renewable energy company and one of the UK’s largest Feed in Tariff licensee’s. Having voluntarily signed up to support renewable generators to kickstart the UK’s solar industry, they now help over 90,000 FiT account owners to receive regular payments from Ofgem.

With over 8 years of experience in Asset Management, Operations and Maintenance of rooftop solar installations, we have seen first hand the huge differences between so called ‘reputable providers’ and the very small handful of supportive specialist providers in this field.

In conjunction with Ecotricity we have helped clients to;

  • Reduce suspended / on-hold payments by over 80% within 1 year
  • Automate FiT meter reading submissions to reduce error from manual handling of data
  • Improve communications with a dedicated account manager
  • Improve forecasting with bespoke reporting
  • Reduce administration with electronic self billing invoices
  • Receive payments directly into bank accounts (yes… some FiT licensees still pay by quarterly cheque)

Whilst there are often tweaks, enhancements and gradual improvements to service levels and cashflow, there are often significant challenges caused by FiT provider service levels resulting in many 000’s of pounds in frozen payments that can be rectified by simply ‘switching’ provider.

Whether you are looking to improve performance, receive an improved service or fix long standing issues with FiT payments, Ecovision Asset Management can help. Get in touch today for an informal discussion about how a change in FiT licensee could benefit your organisation and portfolio.