Ecotricity & Ecovision team up to support multi-site solar generators

Ecovision Asset Management have partnered with Ecotricity – Britain’s greenest energy company, to provide a package of services to owners of multi-site rooftop solar portfolios. 

Targeting local authorities and housing associations, the combined partnership aims to optimise revenues for rooftop solar owners, reducing costs on their operations and management, as well as improving FiT management – ensuring speed and accuracy of payment. 

The partnership has kicked off an awareness campaign – and looks to secure new relationships with multi-site generators. 

Ecovision are a specialist in the solar PV space and have installed over 5000 rooftop systems, with their asset management and O&M team now overseeing more than 12,000 installations. Supplying around 200,000 homes and businesses across Britain with green energy and carbon neutralised gas – Ecotricity manages over 90,000 FiT installations. 

Asif Rehmanwala, Chief Executive, Ecotricity, said: 

“Our new Ecovision partnership makes it easier for our growing portfolio of customers with solar assets to optimise their revenue, and reduce costs associated with their installations.  We’re all about building a greener Britain and ensuring solar systems are working at their best to help put more green energy into the grid.” 

Simon Godfrey, Managing Director, Ecovision, added: 

“We’re delighted to be working with Ecotricity to offer a product that harnesses our collective expertise.  We believe this combined service offering is truly market leading, and will offer many positive reasons for signing up.” 

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