Sustainability and the Environment

Ecovision Asset Management will ensure that its activities are carried out in accordance with best environmental working practice as set out by all relevant UK, EU and international regulations and legislation. The Company will develop, demonstrate, promote and monitor use of best practice, techniques and management throughout its activities.
All employees have a responsibility to accept their personal involvement in the practical allocation of this policy, but specific responsibility falls upon Line Managers, Supervisors and employees professionally involved in administration and training.
Supervisors and Line Managers are responsible for the day-to-day environmental issues and for the implementation of all necessary measures to ensure compliance with all statutes and other matters relating to sustainability and the environment. They shall identify, during the progress of the works, any matters that breach the Statutes. They are also responsible for any sub-contractors employed by the Company, to ensure they comply with environmentally friendly practices.
Ecovision Asset Management Ltd will develop relationships with suppliers to ensure that they are adhering to best environmental practices where possible.
Ecovision Asset Management Ltd will endeavour to:
• Reduce consumption of resources and minimise waste by:
o Operating a paperless office – ensuring any paper used is made from recycled material
o Sending invoices electronically
o Recycling all waste wherever possible
o Use of washable coffee cups which are subsequently washed in a dishwasher
• Avoid using toxic materials to minimise the risks of polluting the environment
• Promote recycling of materials
o In the office and on site
• Dispose of waste products in accordance with current legislation
• Minimise energy consumption and use it efficiently and effectively within the office and in the field
o Ensuring minimum drive time and grouping field visits geographically
o Employing a nationwide network of engineers to ensure minimal travel
o Upgrading engineers’ vans regularly to ensure emissions are kept to a minimum
o Use of motion sensor lighting and low energy light bulbs
o Dual flush toilets to conserve water
• Protect the environment and ensure that all employees, either direct or indirect, are aware of our commitment to environmental issues
• Use sound-proofed equipment
• Ensure that waste is not burnt
• Ensure the protection of trees, shrubs and any plants designated to be retained as indicated on the issued plans
Ecovision Asset Management Ltd is aware of the requirements of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Protection of Badgers Act, especially regarding animals which are protected, and in particular birds, bats and crested newts.
Access will be given to any specialist environmental consultants and any specialist named by a client.