Revenue Optimisation


  • Benefit from experience embedded in our systems and operating protocols that has been gained over more than 8 years within the rooftop solar market
  • All in one solution for Operations and Maintenance, Asset management and optimisation
  • Strongly data driven approach
  • Market leading site specific weather data integrated into EAMS ensuring underperformance alarms, benchmarking and forecasting data reflects measured irradiation.

Revenue Optimisation

Ecovision Asset Management offers a complete data and system driven approach orientated to maximising generation, revenue and returns from your assets.

Our Solar PV monitoring and Asset Management platform EAMS uses a ‘digital twin’ approach that reflects installed components, installed capacity, orientation, pitch, historic performance and other site specific factors. This acts as a translator for measured irradiation in a given location to provide site specific performance benchmarking data.

EAMS has inbuilt logic that priorities work queues in a way that maximises revenue. This ensures that field resource is utilised and directed in the most effective way.

Our Asset management function will use key data to perform trend analysis, monitor cashflow, analyse components for performance, reliability and durability. Also to help with tax reporting, analysis and efficiencies.

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