Ecovision Asset Management System (EAMS)

Ecovision Asset Management System (EAMS) has evolved from a functional requirement to accurately monitor the performance of Solar PV systems to a comprehensive platform managing all aspects associated with Solar PV holding Companies. We have continually worked to develop the system over the past 6 years based on customer and operational requirements. EAMS has developed as part of the Asset Management service, so it can provide data to support any and all aspects required for the management of assets, including maintenance requirements and FiT accounting.

Our unique cloud-based platform continuously monitors your PV assets, providing key management data for your portfolio. We can identify under-performing assets by benchmarking performance against predicted yield (PVGIS and SAP) and, unique to EAMS conduct normalised peer performance reviews relative to those in the near vicinity.

The power of EAMS is that your assets will be compared to all assets under our management, providing a deeper understanding of individual real-world asset performance, overcoming the deficiencies of pyranometer based systems. Although if required, irradiation adjusted data can be integrated into EAMS. Furthermore we are currently working with a world leading science organisation to integrate near real time satelite data into our platform, offering an unrivalled Solar PV monitoring solution.

Remote monitoring for all systems to provide:

  • Full meter reading service, from weekly cumulative reads to half-hourly data capture
  • Meter read reporting in accordance with FIT licensee requirements
  • Rapid response fault identification, incident reporting and management
  • Performance monitoring against preferred or budget yields
  • Coordination and management of all maintenance visits
  • Stock management and reporting