Manchester Housing

With our expert solar PV engineers, we provide maintenance services to facilities and property management companies to give added value for our clients.

Manchester City Council appointed facilities management company Mears Group to provide management services for the local authority housing stock and public buildings.

Ecovision Asset Management have been working with Mears Group and AGMA (the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities), providing qualified, expert solar PV engineers to carryout maintenance and the reappointment of solar PV installations, on the 1,000 properties across six sites.

Building, Roofing and Exceptional Services

Unfortunately the quality of roofs and the standard of Solar PV installations is not what Ecovision Asset Management and our clients would like it to be. Consequently there are a number  of ‘exceptional’ services we provide in addition to those usually associated with the Operations and Maintenance of Solar PV, these include:

  • Roofing works
  • Internal and external decoration
  • Pest control and prevention measures
  • General building services

Meter Installations and Installation Appraisals

Ecovision Asset Management work closely with one of the leading Companies in the Domestic Solar PV ‘buyback’ market. This is where investors purchase already installed Solar PV systems from their current owners.

When the sale has transacted Ecovision Asset Management then replace the total generation meter with a unit able to communicate with our monitoring platform remotely. Whilst onsite we also complete a system audit, conduct and advise on any remedial works required to ensure the Solar PV system is performing inline with expectations.