Asset Construction

Modelled on the FiT legislation introduced in 2010, Ecovision installed free rooftop solar PV to circa 5,000 qualifying homes in the UK between 2010 and 2012.

Ecovision Group, as early adopters of FiT in this capacity, took the model to market:

  • Securing funding
  • Customer origination
  • Portfolio development
  • FiT accounting

Ecovision managed every stage of the investment and installation process, with a team of dedicated solar PV engineers, project managers and financial account management. All administration, accounting and legal was managed in-house, including MCS and FiT registration, statutory and regulatory documentation.

Ecovision Asset Management was formed to continue management of the circa 5,000 assets (and associated holding Companies) installed and subsequently sold to major investors in the renewables space. Recognising a need Ecovision Asset Management developed a cloud based monitoring system, finding the standard ‘off the shelf’ packages were not sufficient to provide the level of service required. This new system, EAMS (Ecovision Asset Management System), was developed inline with maintenance and accounting service specifications, and shaped according to operational requirements.

EAMS is now an industry leading fully developed system, providing one of the most efficient monitoring platforms in the market.